Personal Injury

Personal Injury matters are just that – personal.

Our personal injury practices focuses on helping people who were hurt due to someone else's negligence. You have rights when this happens, and it's important to hold those at fault accountable.

At your initial appointment, you will meet with me. I will go over your concerns, answer your questions, and do an in-depth interview to investigate the facts of your case, including the cause of the accident, the damages that were sustained and which experts should be utilized to help your case.

We will work together to develop a strategy and case plan that best suits your needs for the best available outcome.

Automobile Accidents

Your initial appointment will cover matters involving your intended destination, where you began your travel, and why you were headed to that particular destination.

We will conduct an extensive review of the accident report (if available), along with any photographs that exist, and will ask questions necessary to be fully informed about the case. If needed, a diagram will be drawn to depict the locations of the involved vehicles and points of impact. A thorough discussion of your injuries, treatment, and prior accidents and relevant medical history will also be covered.

Oil Field Accidents

These accidents are often catastrophic - I have been called to meet families at hospitals on numerous occasions because the family was being hounded by insurance adjusters trying to the injured sign a release of claims. Not only is this disrespectful to the family whose loved one is recovering, it’s wrong to take advantage of people who work hard and were injured by the negligence others.

During the initial appointment, I will go over all relevant information with you, including identifying the negligent party. Together, we will develop a plan that covers all areas of your case. Following our initial appointment, my staff and I will work hard to ensure your case's best possible outcome.

Hear what our clients have said about our personal injury practice.

"I interviewed a number of lawyers for my case. I had heard so many bad things about so many lawyers, and I didn’t want to make a mistake. I can honestly say that after I met with Santi, my mind was made up. The first appointment was comfortable. He answered my questions and seemed genuine in wanting to help me. That’s what I wanted for my case. He took an aggressive approach in my case and got me an excellent outcome."


"I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Parks. I was seriously injured in a car accident and required multiple surgeries. He helped me and my family through the toughest time in our lives. He actually cares about his clients. He’s a rarity these days."

William M.

"Santi treats you like family! I was so relieved to know that the attorney I called was the one who sat down with me to go over my injury case. I cannot recommend Santi enough. He took a tough situation for our family and was able to take the burden off of our shoulders. We were so happy with the outcome - it was far beyond our expectations."

Stephanie L.

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