Family Law

We're here to help you navigate the legal challenges of ending a marriage or adopting a child.

Family law cases are each unique, but include similar issues. We represent people seeking help with divorce, custody, support and property matters, as well as families adopting children.

During your initial consultation, we'll ask you to provide relevant background information for the matter you need help with. If possible, please bring timelines, names and dates of birth for all parties involved, a list of sources and amounts of income, and list the estimated value/balance of your property and debts.

Divorce, Custody and Support

One of the toughest times anyone has to go through is the breakup of a marriage. These situations become even harder when the couple has a child together. We counsel an individual on his or her rights regarding the divorce, custody, child support, and spousal support that may be involved in the case. If and when a Judge is assigned to your case, we take that opportunity to familiarize you with the Judge’s characteristics and advise you on what to expect.

We represent men and women in these matters, and understand that each parent and spouse has a unique perspective. When practicing family law, I use my own family experiences growing up with siblings, being a husband and father to help make my client's case.


While divorce and custody cases are some of the toughest family law cases that exist, adoptions are by far the most rewarding.

We handle intrafamily and private adoptions, and are always willing to take these cases. There is no better day than one where we help bring a family together. While there is a great deal of difference in an intrafamily and private adoption, we can help navigate the legal side of this truly amazing blessing.

Hear what our clients have said about our personal injury practice.

"I had gone through my divorce and custody case and not happy with the representation I had originally. When I felt I needed to go back to court for a custody modification, I hired Santi. He took my calls and answered my questions. He did an excellent job for me. I would recommend him to anyone."

A. Smith

"Santi handled my step-daughter's adoption. While it was intrafamily, there were a few sticky issues – but Santi got it done. We were blessed to have such a fine attorney who saw it through."

T. Nelson

"The Parks Firm helped my family navigate a series of difficult and painful situations that I would never wish on anyone. They've always operated in the best interest of our children. They were fair, kind and honest with each one of us as we worked towards a solution. I am honored to recommend them for anyone else going through complicated life circumstances."

K. Kilpatrick

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