Estate Planning

Whether you need a Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, or a Special Needs Trust, we're here to help.

Estate Planning is for everyone. All too often, we hear people say that they were "meaning to do a Will.” A Will should be a priority - otherwise, a delay can mean very severe unintended consequences.  It does not matter how large or small your estate is - having necessary estate planning in place will streamline the Succession and Probate process and lessen the burden on your family.

In your initial appointment with me, you should bring any estate planning documents you have had prepared in the past. We will review your assets and debts, learn about your children and grandchildren, and begin forming a plan to fit your needs. We use creative solutions to minimize the taxable portions of your estate, and craft the proper solution to ensure your property ends up in the right hands.

In addition to Wills, we can establish Power of Attorneys. If a Power of Attorney was not established before the loss of capacity, we will look to pursue an Interdiction, which is a legal declaration that someone has lost their legal right to make their own decisions. We have the right combination of courtroom and documentation experience to handle Interdictions.

Hear what our clients have said about our personal injury practice.

"I was intimidated to see a lawyer since I had never used one before. I had no idea how the probate process worked, all I knew was my dad left a Will. Mr. Parks was so nice and personable. It was a very easy and relaxed experience. He finished my Dad’s succession, and then did my husband and I's Wills. He’s also handled several more cases for our family and we all sincerely trust him. You cannot find a better person or lawyer."

L. Lippert

"I got Santi’s name from my financial advisor in 2007. I intended to go in and have a power of attorney drawn up, because that’s what I thought I needed. When I told Santi what I wanted and why, he quickly explained everything to me in a way I could understand. I learned that I needed a Will and an Executor. He was so nice and kind. I’ve used him at least a dozen times since then and always will - he’s the best!"

C. Flowers

"I hired Santi to handle a my late wife’s succession. This was a second marriage for both of us, and I had step-children. Because we kept thinking we’d get around to doing a Will, she didn’t have one. Santi was able to navigate the process, answer all of my questions, and get things done to really helped me. I owe him a lot. I wish there were more like him."

P. Purdue

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